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Hello again (Happy New Year 2017)

Hello, Blog. Hello again, to my writer side.

I’ve been on a hiatus for too long. I know. I was thinking too much about should I or should not I wrote again, thinking too much about what content should I put in this blog. In the beginning I started this blog to share my interest about beauty, but my interest went to everywhere I can’t control. So I decided to just write anything I want to write in the moment.

Now, here I am. Back at it again to write ‘anything.’ Besides, this blog has been nowhere near established, yet. Lol.

Happy new year 2017 to my fellow bloggers. May this year be inspirational 🌞


[Short Review] Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

I’ve been a very best friend to blotting paper since my face tends to get oily a couple hours after I washed my face. But worry no more, this product gives me freedom! Lol, it’s exaggerated. My face still produces oil, but this mineral powder transform the oil into a glowing finish. And it smoothen my skin. I like how my face looks more after it produces oil. Yes, plus point! It’s very different from my usual loose powder, it really absorbs the excess sebum.

I like to use it daily after my sunblock (when I don’t feel like using makeup) then right on to the brow and lip product, and I’m up to go. Be careful not to put too much or you’ll look like a casper because it’s white and doesn’t have any shade. It supposed to be a translucent powder tho.

Very recommended product for a super oily skin, like me. Hope u enjoy the review.

xoxo, Nabila

Face Mist: A Drink to a Thirsty Skin

When I was using the prescription products from my dermatologist, I basically afraid to try another product. I religiously followed the morning and evening routine, it worked, of course. The prescription diminished my acne, I could feel my skin was so smooth, free from the little-annoying-bumps. But it dried my skin out, even my oily face is no longer producing a teeny-bit of oil and it just cracked. I understand the medication did the work greatly, like it would renew my skin cell by throwing out the outer layer. But I couldn’t stand the dryness! It cracked and fell off like a dandruff, yeah it’s disgusting.

So, I tried to add another product (besides the prescription, and without telling my dermatologist of course :p) that would reduce my skin dryness without side effects to my current routine. And after looking for some products, my choice went to: Face Mist. It’s a simple product which I could use anytime I want. Gives hydration and freshness without touching my face.

The first product I used is from Avène. It gives a cooling sensation. But it’s basically water. Just water. It dries out after a minute. I don’t think this is a bad product, maybe my skin was super dry and the mist didn’t moisturizing enough. But I actually love this product because it’s just water, it’s refreshing, and I don’t need to worry about the ingredients that would bother my dermatologist’s prescription. I emptied two bottles of this products.

The second face mist I’d like to recommend is Bioderma Hydrabio Brume. I got this from my Sociolla subscription box, yes I ❤ Sociolla Boxes! This face mist from Bioderma is basically the same with Avène Thermal Spring Water, serves the purpose to hydrate our skin. I prefer this face mist from Bioderma, because although I can feel Bioderma contains more ingredients than Avène, but it’s still mild. It feels like just water but moisturizes longer. Plus point!

I love-love-love these both face mists! I love to use face mist before my toner and after I did my makeup. I also love to bring it inside my bag so I can spray it anytime-anywhere I want. Face mist is an ultimate instant pick-up!

Ps: If you have oily face (I do :D) you shouldn’t backaway from ‘hydrating’ product. When we dehydrates our skin, it would constantly produce more sebum to protect our skin, the result is: more layer of oil to your face. So, I’d like to recommend these face mists to hydrate and refresh our face!

xoxo, Nabila

Talking about cleansing water..

I’ve been hooked to the hype of cleansing water or the so called micellar water. It works like a makeup remover and as your daily face cleanser. Makeup remover, we all know, consists of oil and water in a bottle but separated, we must shake the product and apply it using a cotton pad. Same thing goes with cleansing water. But the oil and water already blends well using some kinda formula, so we only see the product in the water form. You can read more about cleansing/micellar water in here.

My Cleansing Water Experiences

My first try is the Bioderma Sensibio H20 since it’s so height in popularity, I bought the small one just in case it doesn’t do me the hype. Bioderma does great in term of cleansing. It wipes the stubborn makeup, even the waterproof one, but take notes not to rush wiping stubborn makeup in your skin, because it needs time to melt the cosmetics away.

But what I don’t like about Bioderma is, it has a somewhat chemical scent and a hint of alcohol. It also has bitter after taste on my lips after I wiped lipstick. So for the first timer, I’m not really satisfied. It cost me Rp125.000,- (around 10$) for 100ml. It’s quite expensive for a little bottle (my cheapskate cell said).

Bioderma Sensibio H20

The second cleansing water product I tried is the Avéne Micellar Lotion (I dont have any idea why it is a lotion while it’s definitely water). I must be honest that I don’t really like it, it smells like alcohol and stings even when I applied it on my cheek. It’s sad considering how much I love the Avene Thermal Spring Water.

In term of cleansing strength, I guess it’s kinda same with Bioderma. It wipes dirt and makeup well. The price? It’s Rp217.000,- (around 17$) for 200ml. Kinda on the same price with Bioderma.

Avene Micellar Lotion

The third one, I tried The Saem Healing Tea Garden – Green Tea Cleansing Water. The scent is nice, not like a real green tea actually, but definitely not an alcohol-scent. Cleansing Strength? Same with the other cleansing water I’ve mentioned above. But it’s definitely milder, it doesn’t sting my skin and it’s a lot cheaper! Rp77.500,- (around 6$) for 300ml, it’s a huge bottle, lasts me for 2 months. Actually, not trying to be biased by Korean product but it’s definitely a win for my skin and my wallet of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That is satisfying!

The Saem Healing Tea Garden (Green Tea Cleansing Water)

Have you tried any products I mentioned above? What are your thoughts?

Hope you enjoy the read.

xoxo, Nabila


Introduction: My Acne Story

I, one day in my life, having a breakout all over my face (and it still continues till now). My face, pretty much, had no problems AT ALL. Little pimple, popped it out, redness, days later the scars has gone. That has been my acne ritual for years.. I know, it’s bad, but that’s what I did until my face got a major breakout.

It’s started when I was on my third year of college, that’s when I was about 20y.o. I don’t know if it’s caused by stress, little pimples suddenly showed up like crazy on both of my cheeks and forehead. It didn’t really visible actually, but when I washed my face, I could feel them. That was a lot! I was freaking out, my face never in this condition before. And FYI, I always cleanse my face diligently, never went to bed with a dirty face and clothes. So, that was a big question mark for me.

Out of the numerous Aestheticians and Dermatologists I visited before, only one Dermatologist could save my face. But that was for under medication only, after that, pimples start growing up again. So I decided to leave all of those medication, and started to find the best skin care product for my skin.

This is when my beauty journey begin. I’m currently trying out numerous products, some do good, some worsen my skin. And that’s why I decided to start a blog to share my experiences of trying out some beauty products. It took a long time for me to start it, because I still haven’t successfully rid all those pimples.

But, hey, after all finding the best products for our skin will be trial and error, and sharing an information about it is never a waste, right?


xoxo, Nabila


Bird Chirp

My very first post!


So this is actually my writing project, not that I’m in a competition or what. More like self improving project I’ve been longing to do. These days I’ve been really into Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, and Art. And I feel the need to have a place to share what I like right now.


It’s a bird chirping here inside, super excited to start a blog. Will post a lot here, soon.


Cheers, xoxo


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